Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Three Truths and a Little White Lie

1. I have had a perfectly round 100 attempts to get an IV line into me this year alone. I think it's time to stop those doctors muttering their vague thoughts about 'maybe you should get a port or PICC' and actually encourage some action, don't you?

Actually, this is an arterial line, but I couldn't find a pic of my IV lines!

2. Not only have I studied medicine and physics, but I also took evening classes in patisserie. I love Albert Roux more than is appropriate, given the age difference between us.

Chocolate flowers dusted with gold lustre

3. I play euphonium, oboe, piano and harp - purely for pleasure now, though I seriously considered ditching the idea of studying medicine for a career in the performing arts. Aberdeen University had a very tempting exchange programme with the Paris Conservatoire when I was making my university applications, but the distance from the south coast of the UK to the northern end of Scotland was too great, and traveling on the train with a harp is a pain.

4. My cat has a perfect internal clock - she will bat my face with her paws at 7 am (waking up time), will wail incessantly at 6.30 pm (dinner time) and will sit on the stairs with a hopeful look on her face at 10.30 pm (bedtime). For good measure, she is scared of strangers, apart from paramedics, who need her supervision while they're looking after me.

Best guess as to which is the lie?

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J


  1. I know #4 to be truth from personal experience!!

  2. I would believe all of them! I know you play Oboe and it looks like you play piano... Don't know of you play harp.

    I hope you tell is in the next entry!:-)

  3. Ha ha! Rachel, you're quite right that number 4 is true! Number 3 is the lie - I don't play oboe or euphonium or harp, though I do play piano (and cello). I don't have sufficient lung function to play oboe or a brass instrument!