Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Days Like This

Despite my best efforts to remain positive and grateful to be alive in this incredible and beautiful world, there are days when things get in the way of that.

Today, for example, I have a fever. It's only 38.5 C (101.3 F), but it's enough to make me feel very shivery, even with a thick knitted cardigan, hiking socks, a duvet, a hot drink and a hot water bottle. Yes, I look ridiculous, but I was feeling miserable, and needed to be warm!

My blood sugars are running low enough for me to feel symptomatic, but whatever is causing the fever seems to be upsetting my tummy, and my gastroparesis/intestinal dysmotility are both flaring up like you wouldn't believe. My dysautonomia symptoms are through the roof, and my pain levels are higher than they have been for a while. Whatever this thing is, it's really hit my poor body hard! I haven't managed to eat anything today, but I am keeping sips of sugary drinks down, and I have some glucose tablets here that I can suck or dissolve in water, if necessary.

I thought that I would be ok to work through my to-do list while lying on the sofa, but felt so miserable that all I could do was sleep. I didn't even manage to get online to buy some really cute gift tags for the Christmas presents that I started to wrap! On the plus side, I've started a new knitting project, and a managing a few rows at a time with lots of encouragement from my online friends at Ravelry!

Typing is making me feel dizzy and more nauseous, so I'll stop soon, but I'd like to wish my US readers a very happy Thanksgiving. The lovely Rachel from is generously moderating chat on the forum of the Chronic Babes website tomorrow for those who would like some company on Thanksgiving, or who just want a break from people who don't 'get it' and some positive words from people who do!

On days like these it's my friends and family who get me through, and who give me the strength to come through the darkest and most difficult moments, ready to face the next day with a smile.

Thank you.

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