Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Boys

The colour scheme for the wedding is burgundy and grey, which are the colours of Richard's college at Cambridge (Fitzwilliam). 

So the boys will be in grey morning suits. Richard's ushers, his best man, and his father will all have grey waistcoats and burgundy cravats. My brothers will have burgundy waistcoats and grey cravats. They will all have a single cream rose in their buttonholes to complement the flowers that Jenne and I will be carrying. 

The suit:


The waistcoats:
And the cravats:

In addition,  we've bought socks for my brothers as a sort of jokey present. They're brightly coloured, and embroidered with their name and the date of the wedding. I'm going to write a letter to go with each one for the boys, and we'll give the socks and letters to the boys at the rehearsal dinner (the evening before the wedding). It means a lot to me that my brothers are taking on Dad's role in his absence, especially W, who is going to give the 'father of the bride' speech at the wedding breakfast. I know it'll be emotional for all of us as we celebrate my relationship with Richard and remember Dad at the same time, and I am extremely grateful for all my lovely brothers.

So, the socks!