About Me

I'm 31 years old and live in south-east London with my husband, R, and our 16-year-old cat, Nutmeg.

Many moons ago, I studied medicine at one of the London medical schools, though I was kicked off the course in my penultimate year for health reasons. Since then, I have studied physics at another London university, taken evening classes at catering college in Patisserie, worked in Investment Banking (interning in the equities section of the 'back office' at one bank, and then spending two internships in mergers & acquisitions at another). Having realised that my body would not survive in banking, I took a more 'health-friendly' job as a medical secretary. Despite only having to work 40 hours per week, my health continued to deteriorate, and I had to stop working in April 2011.

Currently, I am more-or-less housebound (I am able to leave the house about once a week, with help), and pay heavily for any 'fun' activities. Actually, I pay heavily for travelling to hospital appointments too, and they're not much fun.

I spend most of my time lying down, so most of my activities are sedentary. I am working on improving my Italian, learning to code in Java script, and keeping up with my favourite television programmes (at the moment these include Homeland, Forbrydelsen, the Great British Bake-Off, and Nigellissima).

When I am able to be more active, I love to bake, play piano/cello, visit museums and galleries, knit, read and spend time pottering in the garden.

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