Monday, 18 November 2013


There is an opera by Philip Glass about the development of Mohandas Ghandi's philosophy of Satyagraha. It's a compound word from the Sanskrit, meaning "Truth Force" or "holding onto the truth."

I was listening to the radio this morning, to a discussion of, among other things, Ghandi's early life. This word, Satyagraha, really struck me. It is necessary to hold onto the bigger picture in order to make change.

As someone with a disability, I encounter people who see themselves as victims, martyrs, or warriors. These people rail against the injustices and hardships faced by people with disabilities. 

Thinking about the Truth Force this morning has made me think again about why I feel so strongly about patient advocacy. I know that trying to make change from the point of view of a victim is difficult. I need to find a bigger understanding and force to hold onto, which will be the central driving purpose in my advocacy. 

What are your reasons for wanting to make changes?

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