Sunday, 26 June 2011

Something old, something new...

Something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue
and a sixpence for your shoe...

Or so goes the rhyme for brides. I will, of course, be sticking with tradition, and ensuring that my outfit is within these guidelines. A sweet friend of mine, J, made sure that I was prepared, by sending me a sixpence when she heard of our engagement.

The wedding itself will be fairly low-key, though traditional. So we're getting married in a church, and I will be wearing a white dress and a veil, but there will be no meringues in sight, and lots of small touches that are important for us. 

How does my outfit meet the guidelines above, I hear you ask?

I will be wearing the family veil, which is very pretty, and is made of cream lace. It's several generations old, and I will be borrowing it for the wedding, so this is both old and borrowed. 

These pictures from my parents' wedding, way back in 1976, in which my mother is wearing the same veil:

My dress, which I will not show you for obvious reasons, is new. Just to whet your appetite a little, here is a picture of the brocade band, which is below the bustline on the dress:

My something blue is a pair of earrings that were a present from my grandparents many years ago. They are very dark sapphire, quite small, and generally unfussy:

And finally, the sixpence. Pretty much like all other sixpences, but just in case you need a reminder of what they look like:

And one final important detail: the shoes into which I will slip this precious sixpence. Actually, two pairs of shoes. I intend to glide down the aisle in the most precarious heels possible, and then change into a pair of more practical shoes at the earliest possible opportunity. 

I'm sure you can work out for yourself which pair of shoes is which:

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