Friday, 24 June 2011


When Richard and I sent out our wedding invitations, we enclosed postcards so that people could send us a nice note along with their response. All the postcards are images of Penguin book covers, and most of them were chosen especially for each recipient. We're going to display the cards at the wedding reception, and will then keep them in an album foreverandever.

So far, we've had 13 cards back, all of which are on the windowsill in our sitting room, and here are just a few of them:

It's such a treat to check the post every day and be able to read the lovely messages from our close friends and family. It makes the wedding seem closer, and makes me even more excited about the opportunity to celebrate with them on the day itself. Actually, we're being rather greedy, and don't just have one day of celebrations, but have gatherings planned throughout the weekend of the wedding, from the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, to brunch on the day of the wedding (me getting ready with the girls and Richard steadying his nerves with the boys at a pub between the church and the sea - not quite trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea, but close enough...), family brunch on the day after the wedding, and then a beach party with everyone in the afternoon. Thank goodness it's a bank holiday weekend, so people will have the Monday to recover before going back to work. Or before going off on holiday, in our case!

I think that there may have to be prizes associated with the postcards, e.g. for the best message (currently the one from my Dad's cousin, who wrote in verse), the first to arrive from each side of the family, and of course, the wooden spoon for the last to arrive! Those will be announced in due course, though perhaps not until after the wedding, so as not to spoil the surprise!

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  1. What a great idea, Jo! How clever...AND fun!

    The wooden spoon? Is that a British tradition?

    Thanks for making this blog! It is nice to keep up on what is happening there with all of your plans! And it will be nice for you to look back on, too!

    This all brings back memories of a year ago when Nikki got married!

    HUGE HUG!!