Monday, 25 July 2011

More Wedding Stuff

So, we've finished the ceremony, and Richard and I have left the church to the joyous strains of J. S. Bach. What next?

Well, first we tolerate some photographs by the church and by the sea, and then we jump in our ribbon-festooned convertible and drive off. As we don't want to arrive at the reception before all the guests, we're going to go for a bit of a drive - up the Trundle (this is a hill, for those of you not familiar with West Sussex) to Goodwood and then down, through the villages, arriving at Fontwell House just in time for a glass of Champagne and some more photographs.

We're having round tables - eleven of them, with between eight and ten people on each. Slightly unconventionally, even the Top Table is round, and in addition to the usual Top Table occupants, we're also having the grandmothers at that table. The tables are laid with ivory linen and red napkins:

The ceiling of Fontwell House will also be draped with fabric and fairy lights. This picture was taken when we visited, as they were preparing for another wedding that happened (rather conveniently) to have the same colour scheme as us.

Each of the tables will be named (yes, the theme of that is still classified), and there will be small boxes of chocolate truffles at each place setting with a name tag attached, so that people know where they're supposed to sit.

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